Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tech ed Sessions

As I had the day off from tech ed work, I went to uni for a tutorial and then headed off to tech ed for the day.
Not a bad day at all, I attended :
Overview of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for Devices and .NET Compact Framework 3.5
Speaker(s): Neil Roodyn
The Visual Studio Database (VSD) and .NET Compact Framework Team have introduced a number of new features in the Visual Studio 2008 release planned for later this year. In this session, we cover the enhancements made to the Developer Tools that Device Developers can take advantage off—such as Unit Testing for Devices, The Device Emulator 2.0, and enhanced integration of device security awareness in the Visual Studio IDE. The .NET Compact Framework Team shares how version 3.5 makes Windows Mobile an even better client platform for mobile applications. We also cover compact Windows Communication Foundation, the exciting Store and Forward channel that enables developers to "push" messages to occasionally connected devices, new performance tools and general runtime enhancements such as LINQ.

Impression: Astounding, the VS2k8 and mobile devices technology is just wow. New emulation and windows mobile 6 are some of the most interesting coding concepts around. I knew there was a fair amount of things you could do to code for mobile devices, but this seminar just expanded, my view.

Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET Microsoft Visual Studio Codename 2008 (Part 1 of 2)
Speaker(s): Jeff King
Walk through the most exciting releases of ASP.NET, Visual Studio and Internet Information Services (IIS) "ASP.NET", Visual Studio 2008 and IIS 7. Learn how the new releases enable developers and IT operators to dramatically reduce the amount of time, effort and code required to develop and deploy real-world Web applications. ASP.NET "Ocas", Visual Studio 2008 and IIS 7 each provide much improved administration and management support, on top of dramatically improved performance.

Impression: It just shows that the new VS has astounding capabilities, the making of an integated website was quick and easy. The merger of Expression and VS for Design and Development was brilliant, I liked the vertical split screen. My only thought to it was, can you pull that split screen over two monitors? That would make the instance updating of web pages during design very cool.

Up-close and personal with Virtual Machines and SCVMM
Speaker(s): Andrew Dugdell, Peter Fitzsimon
Whatever your calling may be, dev or it pro, chances are really quite good, that Virtual Machines will soon be part of everyday life – or maybe they are already? System Centre Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) can help you get on top of all the aspects of your Virtual Machine Lifecycle. If you have ever been faced with the tough questions like “Where is my VM”, “Who created that VM and why”, “Which VM is slowing down the server", this session is for you. You could visit to see list of features. Or a much better idea, you could roll your sleeves up, join Andrew Dugdell, our MVP for Virtual Machines and see this no-nonsense demo packed session.

Impression: Virtual machines. Let's face facts, we have to know about these and the SCVMM is an impressive manager of them. The P2V (Physical to Virtual) machine example was pretty impressive, no rebooting was required, and that's the way it should be when the creating a copy of the physical machine. Development and testing enviroments on hand. Excellent.


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