Friday, August 24, 2007

Sidebar Session Result

Well, not quite as many people as I had hoped, but the response was good. With the information supplied by Microsoft(Thanks Nick) I was able to handle any questions asked.

Now as to those I informed, I am putting up all of the information i have in regards to making sidebars, As such I am storing it all on Rapidshare.

So here it is: Link

This includes all of the Microsoft information and the flash tutorials on Sidebars I did on my machine.

About the Comp:

Link here

For those to lazy to click :P

"Sidebar Named Desire"

“Are you a young developer under 30? Looking to show off your skills and win some awesome prizes? Here’s how it works. You upload a sidebar gadget onto Si-Mi. Other people then pay money to download your gadgets. “All gadgets uploaded will go in the chance to win a Visual Studio backpack choc full of Microsoft products. 15 lucky entrants will also receive a copy of Vista Ultimate valued at AU$779.00 for their troubles.

For more information or questions please contact:

Nicholas Ellery
Email: t-nice @

"Sidebar Named Desire" How do I enter?

“Sound good? We hope so. There are 2 categories – ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Judges Choice’. People’s Choice tests your business savvy, rewarding the entry that makes the most money. ‘Judge’s Choice’ is decided by judges at Microsoft and Si-Mi which are the coolest gadgets. There are plenty of resources around which teach you, see the links below. Plus, you can download Visual Studio Express for free, so really, you don’t have any excuse not to be making money on Si-Mi. Just join Si-Mi, upload your Vista Sidebar Gadget as a zip, use the referral code "sidebar", set the price (less than a dollar is good) and start your marketing campaign!

So as I am 34, I'm out of the Comp, but you on the other might be in it. So go forth and be Creative.

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