Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's not Cheating

Well it has returned for this year. The "It's not cheating" website. The offcial Microsoft site where university student can purchase Office 2007 Ultimate for $75 for life or $25 for a 1 year subscription.

Personally, I think you'd be mad not to buy it for life. So what does Office 2007 offer, well just briefly (And I do mean briefly) I'll tell you about the parts I've used this semester.

- Word - New look, great styles to be applied to your work. I've been doing my assignments in office 2007 since I got my hands on it, and they look sweet.

- Powerpoint - I've used the templates for my presentations, they look good. Last presentation I did kicked butt in the way it loked over everyone elses, I didn't work that hard on it, as I said, styles rock. You can add reflection an 3D shapes to your presentations with simple clicks. A fantastic professional look for your work.

- Groove - Now this is a brilliant tool, I don't know about a lot of you but my course is heavy in the group work. Groove s an internet collaboration tool. Basically, you create a workspace on one machine, add the files you want shared among your group there. You invite them to share the workspace and whenever there is an update for a file, boom it gets updated. I'm going to be using this for Imagine Cup.

Onenote - Awe inspiring note taking, it can record handwriting off a tablet, normal text typing and audio in it, you can then send the information you have stored in onenote to ord or a cleaner look. This is going to prove extremely valuable next year.

Excel/Access/Infopath/Outlook/Publisher - I haven't looked at these yet, I'm sure I will, just haven't got round to it so far.

So basically, go to and get yourself a copy of office 2007. And for any uni that says they are not compatible with office 2k7. Just save your files down into the office 2k3 version. The styles and formatting stays there. In word, you select word options and save in the word 2003 format.


So, what are you waiting for...go go and purchase :)

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